John Wilson

John Wilson

Full-stack developer, experienced instructor, always learning.

Currently leading development at Sessionwire

JavaScript & TypeScript

Proficient in JavaScript and TypeScript for type-safe, modern web development practices.

React & Next.js

Expert in React for dynamic UIs and server-side rendering with Next.js.

CSS & Tailwind

Proficient in CSS, CSS-in-JS, preprocessors, and utility-first design with Tailwind CSS.


Expert in Node.js for creating APIs, serverless functions, and complex scripts for data and file manipulation.

MongoDB & Supabase

Experienced with MongoDB for NoSQL database solutions and Supabase for Postgres backend integrations.

OpenAI API & GPT-4

Skilled in feature development utilizing GPT-4o and the OpenAI API, as well as creating applications within the GPT Store.

E2E Testing

Application reliability and performance through automated end-to-end testing with Playwright.

CI/CD with GitHub Actions

Workflow automation and deployment processes using GitHub Actions.


Sentry for robust application monitoring, error tracking, and issue resolution.